Friday, December 10, 2010

Have you tried Ethiopian?

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It's Friday!!! Any weekend plans??? We're hosting our family Christmas party tomorrow so today will be spent mostly in the kitchen---baking! Not until after Zumba class this morning, though....he-he-he.

Went out to dinner last night with a long-time, good friend from work, Lori. I've always wanted to try this Ethiopian restaurant downtown and since she's been gave us an excuse to go check it out. DD came along for the adventure. The place was called Queen of Sheba, very authentic ambiance. The owner/hostess was very nice, warm and welcoming. She chatted with us for awhile as well.

While waiting, you can even play "mancala". It's been awhile since I've played it.

For appetizers, we picked Beef Sambusa (pastry filled with lentils, onions, spices and ground sirloin),

Main course was a Meat Combination Platter (Combo of Doro We't (tender pieces of chicken simmered in a thick berbere sauce with garlic, ginger, cardamon, onions, and topped with a hard boiled egg), Siga We't (lean beef seared on a hot skillet then cooked slow in a hot berbere stew with onions, tomato sauce, garlic, ginger and Ethiopian spices), and Minchetabesh (finely chopped prime rib, pan fried with ginger, onion, cardamon, and white pepper then sauteed in Ethiopia's Kik We't). It was served with Injera, an Ethiopia bread made with Teff cereal. It's also used to scoop up the meat and sauces (so basically, you eat communally with your hands).

We also had a side of Azifa (brown lentils cooked and mixed with onions, jalapeno and mixed spices in lemon sauce) kinda like a "cold salad".

It was definitely an adventure for my tongue...I loved all the spices!

What was your last foodie adventure? 
Did you enjoy it?

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  1. I LOVE Ethiopian! When I was in college, there was a fabulous restaurant close to campus where my friends would go to share huge platters of spicy foods and strong, black tea.



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