Monday, January 24, 2011

Burn more calories

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Cardio vs. strength training?

New studies have shown that strength training is superior to steady state cardio in caloric burn. It also boosts the metabolism after your workout and builds muscle that will further increase the fat burning potential in the long run--- for up to 36 hours!

That's not to say that cardio (aerobic) exercise is not important. It enhances blood flow and oxygen to the muscles where it's needed making the body more efficient at burning fat, which is why you should not neglect the aerobic portion of your training.

Check out the new Workout session of the month! Try it and leave me a comment once you have!

Tip: When you lift weights, do the same reps more slowly (try counting to 3 when you lift up and another 3 when you lower) and you'll get more burn for your buck. I know it torturous but when you blaze through each move, you often use momentum instead of muscles, and also increases your risk of injury.

Organic Creamy Butternut Squash soup with 2 pieces of lightly buttered artisan roasted garlic bread
Creamy Barley Risotto (from Flat Belly Diet Cookbook)

Have fun with the new workout and first and foremost ~ be safe!

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