Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Friday!

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TGIF!!! I'm glad it's Friday because:

  1. Hubby gets off of work early
  2. Zumba this morning
  3. Hanging out with my 2 favorite guys's the little things in life --- that make me happy!!!

Last night's Zumba was somewhat disappointing. It was a new (male) instructor and although he was good (a dancer for at least 20 years) and was very helpful to everyone, I didn't really get a workout myself (barely broke a sweat). He took a long time teaching the moves for every track that he only managed to teach about 5 tracks in 1 hour. It was a mixture of participants, 50% have been doing Zumba, 50% newbies. Maybe they should advertise his class as "Intro to Zumba" or "Zumba for Beginners" so that the ones who have been doing it for a while are not left hanging wanting more "bootey-shaking" session rather than a step-by-step dance lesson. And his music choices were kinda odd (one was music from the show "Laugh in"). Oh well, I'll try and make up for it today with Amina's class.

What frustrates you about fitness instructors?

So this morning, breakfast looked like this...
Light soy latte
Ezekiel toast with Smart balance and blueberry jam paired with a banana

Also excited because it's DD's first softball tourney this weekend. They are headed to Nashville and as I was looking at the weather in's typical for the first weekend of pre-season softball.
Go Raiders!
Friday, 11
36 | 22° F
Partly Cloudy
Saturday, 12
40 | 27° F
Partly Cloudy
Sunday, 13
56 | 34° F



  1. Instructors showing up late to class, that is my pet peeve.


  2. I know what you mean + it takes time to set up, introduce yourself to your participants etc....and maybe take that time to preview moves if you need to.



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