Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doggie Fun facts

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Fun fact # 1
Smalls is an almost 5 year old Shitzu-Chihuahua-Yorkie mix (although he looks more like a Daschund-Chihuahua mix). His birthday is on May 11th. He is our first dog. We named him Smalls after a character in the movie "Sandlot". We actually got him from Pet store :(  when he was about 4 months old.
Fun fact # 2
Smalls likes to sleep under the covers. He also likes to carve a "cove" for himself in between our legs. He will even scratch at our legs to make sure we un-cross them (if needed). He is a very smart dog with a lot of personality and is very territorial.
Fun fact # 3
He does not like having sports on TV. Whether it's basketball, football or anything with a crowd "yelling" in the background ~ he will leave the room and "mope" in his own bed (Yes, he does have his own bed outside our bedroom).
Fun fact # 4
He loves to whine for people "snacks". He thinks he should be snacking whenever we are.  He will put on his "sad face and puppy dog eyes" to make you goo-goo and ga-ga over him until you give in. (we're suckers!)
Fun fact # 5
He loves the sunshine (who doesn't). He will find any little bit of sun peeking through the window even if it's a small 5 inch piece of sun and lay on that portion to get some Vitamin D, I suppose.

Fun fact # 6
Smalls is terrified of the water.
Fun fact # 6
Smalls loves his sister. He misses her terribly and will check out her room every now and then to see if she's back.
Fun fact # 7 
He likes having a "piece of me" with him when I leave the house. He'll take my slippers sometimes and *snuggle* with it so I've been "lending" him my "teddy bear" to keep him company .
Fun fact # 9
He can tell when we're stressed so he will literally smother us with kisses.
Fun fact # 10
He doesn't like paparazzi.
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