Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beautiful Maui

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We started our trip with an early flight out to Seattle. From there it was a *stinkin* 6 hour flight to Maui. I hate looong flights. I get so anxy....

The good thing is we got into to Kahului/Maui at 11:30 am (they are 3 hours behind Pacific time)....the bad thing is it was 2:30 pm our "body" time. But we still had the rest of the day to get acquainted with Maui which was good.

We got our rental and headed to Costco (of course). Grabbed a few items and then we checked out the Maui Swap Meet (which is only open on Saturdays until 1 pm). We only had 30 minutes before the place closed so we had to hurry. {Swap meet is like a flea market}.

Check out the dork with long pants and long sleeves in 80F.
 Small guy in a big chair.
And a familiar face....

We were after getting a lay of the land (Whole Foods, local mall etc...), we drove to Lahaina to have dinner at Cool Cat Cafe.
Best. Burgers. in Maui.
...that came with a mound of fries....

Then we drove to Kaanapali to check in to our hotel.
{Brush fire en route to hotel...}
The Hyatt Regency Maui was being renovated so there was a lot of construction during our stay. It was pretty much a *suck-fest* because of all the noise, the tarped areas and the staff who didn't have a clue of what was going on (including where the coffee shop was and hours of operation).

Our room was decent. I liked the "low" bed frame.

Here's the luau at the hotel. Honestly, we've never been to a luau...we just don't think it's that BIG a deal.

Can't beat the views!!!!
This is outside our hotel room.
Here's the beach front at the hotel.

Their Fitness Center ~ They also have a studio where group fitness classes are held.
Sunsets were awesome!!!!

The hotel also has a koi pond, bird cages for different parrot species and penguins that feed around 9 am. We only saw them once though because of all the stupid construction.

Flamingos, too!
...and one creature that I took home with me ☺.
Lots of unpacking to do and lots of much needed rest....
.....more of Maui next time!

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