Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tightwad Tuesday: Eats! Maui edition

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As you may or may not know, everything is so *stinkin'* expensive in Hawaii because they have to transport most of the goods from the mainland. And unfortunately, Costco and Walmart were both 45 minutes away from where we were staying. I thought about bringing some bagels, peanut butter and some snacks but I didn't. I did end up bringing some instant oatmeal which we did have one morning or two.

We managed to get a few freebies and some B1G1 dinner coupons which turned out be at really good restaurants. Here's a few of our Maui eats.

Free coupon for 2 buffet breakfast at hotel d/t construction (one day).

The Gazebo


The Gazebo - famous among tourists and locals for BIG portions. We shared the Veggie Omelet.
LINNER (Lunch/Dinner combo)
Free welcome dinner courtesy of hubby's conference: Our first night
B1G1 Tofu Pad Thai at a local Thai restaurant, with Thai iced tea to wash it down.
Monsoon India - Indian food: B1G1 entree.... soooo yummy!

I discovered these little devils that were shortbread cookies dipped in different concoctions. The store also gives freebies so we would frequent it to try different flavors. I especially liked the Kona coffee flavored cookies dipped in white and dark chocolate.  You can also order them online HERE.

Check out some of the other places we went to but just didn't get to take pictures.
If you plan to go to Hawaii anytime, make sure you plan ahead especially when it comes to food. I would probably take a few non-perishables (PB, maybe bagels or sandwich thins and some snacks). I'm frugal but I'd like to enjoy the local eats as well. Truly, everything costs an arm and a leg which is a price you pay for paradise.

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