Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Resolutions 2012

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Good morning!

Countdown is on for the New Year and new beginnings. Any resolutions/goals for 2012? I thought I'd check in with mine from this year and see how I did......

1. Curb my sweet tooth - How? - Bake only once a week.
                    I think I did fairly well. I tried not to bake more than once a week although some weeks, I probably did it twice but not more than that. I haven't been able to totally curb my sweet tooth 
but I continue to work on it and keep it in moderation. I have to constantly remind myself that not ALL dinners have to end with a dessert.

2. Learn how to take better photographs - How? - Read the manual (duh!).
I did read the manual and found out how to use the "self-timer" but other than that, I don't think I've improved much. I'll probably rely on some blogs to help me out in this area because I hate reading those stinkin' manuals.

3. Watch less TV - How? - Pick up a book and read more.
Major FAIL. I blame the Real Housewives for that. 

4. Spend less - How? - Only buy the "needs" not the "wants". Keep a log of expenses.
I kept a log of all my personal expenses up until maybe September and then it went down the drain. It got to be too much especially when the holiday season came. I need an app for this and maybe I'll do better this upcoming year.

5. Eat right - How? - Keep in mind a "rainbow diet"...more color meaning fruits and veggies.
Continues to be a work in progress....but as far as portion control---check!

6. Challenge myself physically - How? - Sign up for 2nd half-marathon, try new workouts.
Check and check. I actually finished 2 half-marathons this year until my knee injury. I also got my Zumba certification this year.

OK so for's my goals...

  • Continue to work on eating healthier and reducing *junk food* consumption.
  • Sign up and do at least 1 race per season (5K, 10K or even a HM)
  • Stress less and spend some time meditating and relaxing (i.e. massage at least every other month -- odd months)
  • Drink more water

Workout (Professional):
  • Get back into teaching Body Attack (HIIT) and incorporate some running back into my regimen.
  • Incorporate yoga back into workouts.
    • Get an app to keep track of personal expenses
    • Re-organize and redecorate home one room at a time. 

    Proclaiming my goals and resolutions publicly helps me stay committed and accountable.

    2012 is going to be a great year!

    Have you thought about your resolutions/goals for the next year? You've got 4 days before the New Year.

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