Friday, February 10, 2012

Would you wear this?

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Happy Friday

After being woken up by a phone call from a friend in Arizona, telling me that she's getting married....I was in a hurry to go to gym this morning since I didn't realize that I had slept in (7:30). I had to leave in an hour and still had to make my latte {in order to have enough energy to teach}. I made it in time and took a Zumba class afterwards. 

After a quick [and cheap] trip to Ross....I came home and had lunch and plopped in front of the tube to watch Project Runway All Stars on my DVR.

Rami got the *boot* [dang it ---- he's one of my faves]

Speaking of fashion......would you ever wear these leggings?

Eeeeww or sexy?

Really ?!?  That would be a "H*ll to the NO" for me.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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