Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

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Hi friends ! Did you have a wonderful weekend? Did you celebrate Easter?

After waking up to a cloudy, chilly morning...we got up and started getting ready for brunch at my SIL's. I ran 3 miles on the TM first so that I could get it done.
 Hubby had to work for a little bit so Smalls and I waited in the car while he did his thang.
We have a small family on hubby's side so it wasn't a big spread. It was nice of my SIL to host Easter, though....I don't think we get together often enough especially when there's no little ones in the family anymore.

I made Apple Crumble Cake and used low fat plain yogurt instead of sour cream [which made it a little too moist] but it came out good anyway.
We also had ham, an egg bake, potatoes and a fruit platter to complete brunch!
 Smalls had fun playing with Tucker and Champ eventhough it was quite cold and windy outside.
And on our way home, we stopped at the dog park to let Smallsie play with all the other dogs. There wasn't very many *small dogs* in his area {they separate the big from the small dogs}. And I think he was getting kinda tired and ready for a nap back home.
We came home and he got his Easter treat....

Nothing new planned for this week....we do have our 5K run this weekend, though.

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