Monday, May 6, 2013

Bloomsday 2013

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Hello there!

Our Cinco de Mayo was spent running the 37th Annual Bloomsday!
The guest of honor was Bill Iffrig. You might recognize him as the older gentleman that stumbled to the ground when the first bomb went off in the Boston Marathon (he's from Lake Stevens, WA)
I picked up our packets at the Trade Show on Friday. I didn't stay too long but I did manage to get a new pair of Balega socks (my fave!)
We got up that morning around 6 am and had our usual pre-race breakfast. I did have some coffee (!) with an English muffin topped with peanut butter. We drove to the designated pick up area for the Spokane Transit bus to take us downtown.
 We got there fairly early and had about an hour or so to wait before the race started. Nothing too special about my outfit, but I think I should've worn something "cooler" on top. We were in the Yellow group (just after the Elite group) which didn't start until 9 am and the temperature then was probably around the 60's already.
Hubby had not even been running at all. He's been riding his bike more and had just gotten back from Seattle the night before.

I wasn't really feeling this race at all. Maybe the heat had a lot to do with it but I had a hard time getting up Doomsday hill this year (took me 5 min compared to 4:03 last year)
The scene after I crossed the finish line. It was sooo dang hot, there were so many people (mainly teenagers) that were throwing up after crossing the finish line. I saw lots of "heat exhaustion" throughout the course, too! 
It didn't take long for hubby to cross the finish line as well.... he had an *impressive* time for not having been running this year at all.
Throw-away clothes that the volunteers pick up after the race.
Then we had our own Cinco de Mayo celebration at home: Crab ceviche with chips

My stats:
My official time: 1:09:05 (3 min slower than last year). My pace was 9:15.
I placed 35th out of 538 among 43-yr old females and 5,143 overall.
Hubby's time was: 1:15:26.

 I just though this picture was cute!
 Side note: I had my allergy appointment the other day too. Nothing much has changed which is good (that just means nothing is better either - ☺☺)

Workout for the Week:

Sunday - Bloomsday (7.46 miles)
Monday - Body Pump +Teach Zumba
Tuesday - Run 4 mi
Wednesday - Teach Zumba + Teach Body Attack
Thursday - Body Pump + Teach Zumba
Friday - Run 3 mi
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Run 6 mi

How did you spend your weekend??

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