Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lazy Sunday

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Good Sunday morning!!!

I hope you all have been able to at least sleep in and enjoy a lazy Sunday morning. Our ritual every Sunday is just that :)....after sleeping in (sometimes until 8:00 am...yes..that's OUR sleeping in), I make myself a double shot, non-fat light soy latte, my hubby - a single, non-fat, light vanilla latte and back to bed to watch Sunday Morning on CBS...we especially like the "nature" part which is 5 minutes before the show ends. Then we drag ourselves up to make the rest of breakfast...and then take Smallsie out.

This was dinner last night.....

I still need to work on my "pizza crust"...too dry...needs more water next time. I used whole wheat flour also.


- olive oil
- leeks
- mushrooms
- zucchini
- Tofurky sausages
            .....I sauteed them all all together then added salt and pepper to flavor.

Then used:

- crushed tomatoes/sauce onto pizza dough 
- goat cheese
- pepper flakes ( I like it spicy).

Have a great rest of your weekend! 
Going to study worbook for today then practice Body STEP for tomorrow's class.


Monday - Body STEP and Body Attack
Tuesday - Run 5 miles, Yoga 
Wednesday - Body Attack
Thursday - RPM
Friday - Yoga
Saturday - RPM or Run
Sunday - Yoga

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