Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toxic....and it ain't Britney Spears

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People can take advantage of us in a variety of situations. It is the dark side of our nice, kind and cooperative instinct. I trusted someone and thought that this was going to be reciprocated. But people who abuse trust or deliberately take advantage of our vulnerability take advantage of us...and that's what happened to me. This person manipulated a situation I am in in order to operate on false assumptions. And I think that that's shady. Best thing for me was that I spoke up and let my voice be heard. After all, I'm only taken advantage of if I allow "them" to do so.

I don't ever want to have any regrets later on and tell myself, "why didn't I do this-or that". I am happy with myself and can live with the fact that I am honest and live a "healthy life"---that includes mind, body and soul". Don't you agree? BTW, I also believe in "karma".

Found this great article on 8 toxic personalities to avoid

I know this is NOT the forum for this...sooooo.....back to "funner" things.

My snack of the day... it's called Blueberry Bliss!!

-Vanilla yougurt
-Soy milk (just a tiny bit)
-Lemon or honey for taste (I chose lemon)

Here's Smalls' snack of the day .....

No more negativity....going to RPM tonight!!!!

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