Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Syle

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Hi everyone!

It definitely felt like fall out there today. Went for a run at 6 am this morning....must've been in the 50's ...and the novice "runner" that I am, I went out with just a pair of shorts and t-shirt, thinking that would be enough...HAH!.....oh sure... I'll  be able to handle it because I'll be sweating-----needless to say, I need to layer a little bit more next time, my arms were practically frozen by the time I got home (and I think it made me slower, too).

Making me think of "fall fashion", I just love the soft, gorgeous, feminine details of ruffles and it adds a "chic-ness" to even a plain shirt.

Sleeveless Cascade Ripple Top From Ann Taylor
Sleeveless origami top From Banana Republic
Ruffled Crinkle Top From Forever21
Silk tiered ruffle top From Banana Republic


I had lunch with my good friend, Marie. We went to the Service Station on the northside :)
I had the spicy enchilada soup...so good especially today when it was cold and rainy.

...she had the pasta salad...

After getting home, I mustered enough energy to go to the gym and do Body Attack this afternoon...it was a K-I-L-L-E-R! Used the foam roller when I got home and helped a lot.

I'm doing a lot of packing for DD... she's off to school and I'll  be helping her move in to her apartment later on this week....will keep you posted.

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