Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week in Seattle

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Hello everyone!

We are back from spending a few days in Seattle...where we ate all the sushi that we can handle everyday and went for a lot of shopping sesh..

The drive over was HOTTTT!!! It was 90'ish in Spokane..'s the Columbia River

The weather was perfect and I even managed to get a 7 mile run in on the Sammamish River Trail.

We stayed at the Willow Lodge in Woodinville.

Rooms were awwesome and pet-friendly...although we didn't bring Smallsie with us :(
It came with soft, comfy robes, slipers, plasma TV, DVD player, refrigerator, fireplace etc.
...very peaceful and even used ther awesome outdoor jacuzzi

...fine dining at the famous The Herbfarm .....but we couldn't afford it :(

...they serve a 9 course meal with ingredients from no more than 100 miles of the restaurant (I heard it takes 3- 4 hours for dinner from start to finish)...different themes at different times of the year

...they had their on site "herb farm" and even 2 Vietnamese pigs that they were training to become truffling pigs...

One's name is Borage...

...the other one was Basil

...also saw a peacock in the property (NOT owned by the resort but kept coming to visit)

...ate breakfast on the first day at the Barking Frog which was a splurgeee...

...otherwise, here's my morning breakfast staple for the next 2 days... soy latte and a banana.

Woodinville is "wine territory" in Seattle. They also had balloon rides in the morning and evening.

Sushi yummmmm......

We went on a Redhook Brewery tour (located next to our hotel)..

I'm NOT much of a beer hubby had my share....

Overall, it was a great week spent n the "big city"....

...but we're glad to be home with the little guy!

WORKOUT this week (looked like this)
Monday- Body STEP, Body PMP
Tuesday - ran 6 miles
Wednesday - Yoga 1 hour
Thursday - ran 7 miles
Friday - Body ATTACK
Saturday - RPM
Sunday - rest

Have a good rest o f your weekend!!

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