Monday, August 23, 2010

Mondays are hard

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Good morning to you all!

Well, a week of vacation (more like "staycation") is over and life is back to "normal". Why is it so hard to wake up early on a work day...then try sleeping in on a weekend or on vacay...and I can never make it past 6:30 am (if I'm lucky). I think it's knowing that it's actual "W-O-R-K" and not "P-L-A-Y"...LOL!

Did 4 miles of running yesterday...part of my training for half-marathon in November.

This was my pre-run snack...whole wheat English muffin topped with Almond Butter and banana slices.

...and some pita chips...I am soooo into pita chips right's NOT even funny!

Dinner was "Turkey Lettuce wrap" from the Biggest Loser cookbook.

...while dessert was "Chocolate Crumb Topped Cupcakes" from Picky Palate.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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