Saturday, September 18, 2010


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Good Saturday morning everyone!!!! How's your weekend so far?

First off, I received noticed that..............I PASSED my Certification as a Personal Trainer, WOO-HOO!!! That's one less thing for me to worry about, thank goodness. I'm glad it's over, now I can clean my house (yeah, it's been neglected for a while now).

So yesterday, after lunch with hubby ( I made roast beef sandwich panini---didn't have any lettuce, darn it) but it was Oh soo good! Added a little horseradish to some low-fat mayo on multi grain bread...

Hello..Mr. Panini maker.......

....we headed to the Spokaloo County Fair....haven't been there in maybe 3 or 5 years.

...watched the "Pig race"....(poor little piggies...don't know if they were having fun).

...what's wrong with this picture???

Okay...besides "people watching", I also love to look at all the animals...especially the furry ones. But I felt bad for them...having to be there for 10 days and not being able to go out and enjoy the fields :( 

....saw the goats....



...looked at some of the Ag displays

..and here's some of the "FOOD Booths" (.....hence, lunch before leaving the house)..

...then lastly, off to the Mutton Races...

...Oh and before we left, hubby took a picture with the local (George Maupin) celebrity weather guy.

....overall, it was a good day, the sun was out of the fair with 1 container of fresh, organic honey, then went to Clinkerdagger's for happy hour!!! Oh, and they were having a 20th year anniversary sale at the Kitchen Engine next door with prizes and stop-by, cooking lessons (learned to make a quick coconut macaroon drizzled with chocolate ganache)...and I won a Garlic twist.

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