Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christmas in September

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Hi everyone!
...well I was still on East coast time this morning----woke up at 4:30 am---my body thought it was 7:30 and eventhough I wanted to stay in bed, I kept thinking about all the things I have to do to catch up at work. Sometimes it feels like I'm being punished for taking time it just me???

Oh well...I got to do Body Pump after work---gosh--- haven't done it in more than a week and my body made sure I felt it. It is so much easier to lose strength and yet so much harder to build it back up. I felt so much stronger afterwards, though :)

The best part...I came home and it seemed like Christmas in September at my house.

First, hubby made dinner and it was semi-homemade Indian food. Thanks to Gina for giving me inspiration to try Indian food (afterall, I am 1/4 Indian myself).

....bought pre-made "channa masala" from Costco and added chicken for protein with white/brown rice mix. was very good except I thought it was going to be a bit more spicier.

Next...opened up my package from UPS and voila....

Thanks Gina (again) for the Sun Warrior promo. I can't wait to try it with my chia seed samples.

....and finally.... the "Christmas" part.... 

My new Asics came in (hubby gets a discount) I get to try all 3. By far, my fav is Asics for working out including cross-training etc...

                                      Gel Intensity                                           Gel Kinetic 3
                                                              Gel Kinsei 3 (my personal fav)

'kay...I'm gonna stop now and get some rest....body telling me it's time to go to bed (even if it's just 8:00 pm  PCT).

'talk to you tomorrow!


  1. I love that hot pink pair. I think next time I buy Asics I will just use it for cross-training and not for running. I just bought new running shoes - Mizunos, my first time to try that brand - and they're pretty awesome too.

  2. I love Asics, Bianca! I tried Mizunos before and they were too tight for my taste. You look very petite so I bet it's perfect on you!



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