Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekend around the corner

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Hello to everyone!! How's your "hump-day"?

My legs felt like lead this morning after last night's Body Pump. But somehow, I mustered up enough energy to run my 6 miles today (although I did do it on the treadmill). It was chilly this morning...starting to feel more and more like fall.

After the run, I made myself an energy smoothie and added Sun Warrior protein. It was so yummoo!! to work then home early to spend time with Smallsie. I've missed him so much even after only 5  days...


...then 1. make appointment for haircut and color (overdue), 
           2. plan something for hubby's birthday coming up
           3. study (taking CPT exam this weekend)
           4. start cleaning house

...'talk to you later!

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