Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Clean up with a side of Homebody

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Good Tuesday to you all!
I had to leave early for work this morning and found it hard to say goodbye to Smalls. He's got separation "issues" but somehow knows when I'm going to work vs. "play". He goes right into his bed where he stashes all of his stuffed animals aka "buddies" and gave me his "sad look" while I said goodbye.

When I got back home, hubby had already finished his bike ride and started doing his "fall cleanup" outside (thank goodness, LOL)...He said afterwards, "I did a bunch of stuff out there, but I know you can't tell". So I said.."Yes, I can, thank you sweetie!".....

...Smalls tried to help, too.

...but somehow..ended up back on my lap...

Lately, I've been in the mood to cook more soups and stews --maybe because of the changing season and the feeling sense of hibernation....Nah! I'm not ready to hibernate..although I am a homebody... 
.....who am I kidding...anyhoo, soups are always good especially when it's getting colder outside.

Yesterday I made Beef Stew.. it was awesome because it was kinda cool last night...and I was starving after a 2 hour stint at the gym :) (recipe from Biggest Loser)

For dessert, I had a carrot cupcake from hubby's birthday dinner...

.....and today, I already decided to make seafood corn chowder in my crockpot (eventhough it was in the 80 degree heat outside). Nevertheless, we will be having leftovers again until at least another day or two...(recipe from Hungry Girl)

What do you like to cook when it's cold outside? Do you hibernate during the fall/winter months?

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