Saturday, September 25, 2010

Night Out

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Good Saturday morning! How's the weekend so far?
Ours started out with temperatures outside in the 40's. It's hubby's BIRTHDAY...and he went out early to get a bike ride in. I would have joined him but lots of cooking and baking today for his birthday dinner..
Last night, we went out to happy hour at Clink's with long-time good friends of ours (Karen and George).

Certain drinks were $4.00 including draft beer...and awesome appetizers!!!

$4 cranberry mojito for me
Mediterranean Mussels in Cioppino $7
Clinkerdagger's Tasting Sampler $17
(included: Albacore Poke Tartar, Char-Grilled Teriyaki Tenderloin, Shrimp and
Home-made Potato Chips)

I'm going to try and get on the indoor cycle today and get at least an hour of RPM...then lots of cooking and baking and a surprise for huby this afternoon.

Have a good Saturday!!! Get out and enjoy the beautiful early fall weather!

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