Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stress + Junk = Me "Ab-normal"

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Hi bloggies! I've been out of comish for a few days has been so hectic since I got back from taking DD back to college.

I've been buried under books, computer and essays for the last 6-7 days. I'm trying to finish my final exam for my Personal Trainer Certification. But of course, we as women, seem to over-extend ourselves a lot of times. Between studying, teaching class at the gym, learning a new routine for STEP and ATTACK, making sure that dinner is ready, walking the dog, training for a half-marathon...Oh and working (so I can pay bills)... Aaaakkk!!!' starting to take it's toll on me.

...tomorrow is "REST" day for working out, I'm off from work and I can sleep in, sip my coffee and take my time. We're going to the "Spokompton Fair" tomorrow and that should be interesting fun!

Chef Gordon Ramsey (he's so cute!) did manage to get my attention last night during the finale of Master Chef. I'm glad Whitney won!!! I didn't like that other dude..he was kindof a D**K!

I hope to be back to "normal" again by next week. So I can stop medicating my stress with junk food....he-he-he. to 'ya later....

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