Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last day in Paradise

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Hi everyone!
I thought I'd show you a few more pix of what our last day in paradise looked like...(cue the *sobbing*).......This is the Spa within the Grand Hyatt where the fitness center was located.

..and this Ani, she was the 61 y.o. "extremely motivating" fitness instructor at the resort. Do not let her looks deceive you, she's one of the strongest, most inspiring, "kick-butt" instructors I have ever met.

Our last dinner was Ah-MAZING!!! We went to one of the resort's restaurants called the Tidepools and my hubby did all of the ordering (I love it when I don't have to make any decisions) especially when it came to a 3 course meal.

We had a private corner surrounded by a Koi pond

                       Salad w/ goat cheese
Crab cakes

                  Ahi Tuna served w/ noodles
Macademia crusted Mahi-mahi 

                         Kauia coffee ice cream topped
                      w/ fruit and whipped cream served
                      w/ macademia nuts and chocolate syrup
Molten Lava cake with local
Vanilla ice cream

I'm really going to miss it... can't wait to be back...hopefully sooner rather than later.
Hang loose!

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