Thursday, October 21, 2010

Greetings from Kaua'i

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Hi, I did not fall off the face of the earth. In fact, I found paradise on earth.
We are in Lihue (Lee-hoo-wee), Kaua'i and lovin' every day in paradise...
We got here 5 days ago and first and foremost, we got lei'd (sorry--hi-hi)

Here's where we're staying....

..and since Hawaii is 3 hours behind Pacific time, we were up around 4:30 am every morning. It's nice to see the sunrise every morning, though. I don't mind if this is the scenery that I have to look at every day...

Here's the grounds within the hotel resort..

...Parrots in the Promenade

Breakfast on our first day was at a place called "Joe's on the Green"... me some Kona coffee

...Veggie egg white tofu omelet with hashbrowns on the side..

...Banana pancake with macademia nuts served with coconut syrup (and maple syrup, too). often do you get to eat breakfast outside with a rainbow??

...or with a critter as breakfast companion??

Next we checked out a store a'la Whole Foods here in the town of Poipu...

Then came our adventures.....
Here's the "Tunnel of Trees"

"Sprouting Horn"

Lunch and Dinner were all a hodge-podge of places and food (most are $$$ here in Hawaii)... so honestly..we'd go to wherever we could afford it.

 ....0.25 cent wings during happy hour

 ...Fish and chips

 ..dessert at Lappert's

 ...Kaua'i mud pie ice cream

...lunch one day in the town of Koloa...what else but sushi, of course.

 Golden roll....

Lava roll...

Sunsets are equally as spectacular as the sunrises...

...They recycle the leis and use it as compost for the resort's landscaping. I was happy to do my part.

Today was "chill" day and a "rest" day for me as far as work outs. I had a massage scheduled today which was AWESOME (as usual).

 ...I scheduled a 100 minute massage called "Wild Ginger Sports Relief" --- using organic wild ginger to warm the muscle during massage and then followed by a body exfoliation with ginger and lime-infused sugarcane for detoxification.
The massage was in a private "outdoor" room with nothing but you, nature and soothing Hawaiian music...then shower was also outdoors with nature all around. It was UN-believably relaxing...ahhhh....

...and in case you were wondering, I managed to get my work-outs in pretty much daily as I waited for hubby to be done with conference classes in the morning. The resort DID not disappoint me at all.
The instructor was this very engaging, very "cool" 61 year old (yes, that's 61) Hawaiian native and she was soooo crazy good (I wanna be her when I grow up). She was very strong and made it very challenging to the participants everyday (there would be 4 to 5 of us daily). I was sore afterwards. Very different from other "resort exercise groups" I've done in the past.

Here's the breakdown:

Sunday -  5.5 mile on treadmill (resort gym)
Monday - Fitball Power Sculpt
Tuesday - HIIT
Wednesday - my 10 mile run *
Thursday - rest
Friday - 5 mile on treadmill/Fitball Power Sculpt/ Vinyasa Yoga

* My first double digit run was done here in Hawaii and let me tell ' wasn't easy.  I made it in 1:41 according to Mr. Garmin but I had to walk I'd say a total of about half a mile due to extreme heat and humidity. I left around 6:30 am (when I know it was light enough outside to be safe---since I didn't have any reflective clothing with me) and it got up to about 80 degrees out there probably around my 5th mile. It made it hard for me to breathe and I can literally feel the heat of the asphalt going through my running shoes (very different since I've been training in 50-60 degree weather in the Northwest).

I will give you an update of our last day here in Hawaii in a couple of days (internet costs $15/day).
In the meantime, Aloha!!!

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