Monday, November 29, 2010

Bonafide Half-marathoner

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I made it!!! I finished my first half-marathon and I am so happy and proud to have done it.
After many months of training, time, energy and effort, the day finally came and I wasn't about to miss it (well---almost.)

The weather was uncooperative (to say the least)---which began Thanksgiving day when we braved the snow storm warning and left early to make it to Seattle. We made it safe and sound and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my BIL's.

The next few days brought in rain showers on and off and I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that the rain would let up for the marathon.
.....and it did!

Woke up at 5 am on Sunday to  have my usual pre-run breakfast...

... my half-marathon wardrobe of choice (Temp was 38 degrees at 6 am)

Then hubby took us to the starting line downtown

...16,000 people signed up

I  placed 183 out of 591 in my age group with an official time of 2:09, average pace of 9 min. 41 sec per mile.
Here's what my Garmin said... 

...Overall, it was such a FUN and exciting first experience for me...I was proud to have accomplished it and who knows....maybe I'll have it in me to do another one soon...

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