Thursday, December 2, 2010

Retiree (?)

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Good Thursday morning from cold, foggy and slushy Spokaloo!

I'm not a fan  of snow and slush....{having grown up in tropical weather}...that's what I'm wishing for right now.

I spent the last few days cleaning up my office and turning in my computer, keys etc... 
Yesterday was my first official day of "retirement" from work. After getting up early, I met up with the personal training director at the gym and formulated a plan for hers and my schedule as well as getting started with clients and such. DD came along and had a chance to work out while waiting for me.

A visit to TJ Maxx afterwards and then a quick trip to Costco to get cheese and salad...then headed home to bring out the Christmas decorations.

While I tried to figure out the *tree and ornaments*...DD baked a banana bread (her version)...which turned out well (of course--- wink*)...while Smallsie patiently waited by his favorite spot (the fridge).

Then it was time for dinner..."Hoisin glazed Pork Chops with a side of Grilled Cauliflowers" far, my first day as a "retiree" was filled with "stuff" to do. I definitely am NOT planning to be
 b-o-r-e-d anytime soon. There's lots of things to do, learn and explore!

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