Saturday, November 20, 2010

Early to Bed --- Early to Rise

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Happy Saturday to all of you! How's the weekend going so far??

Got up early today with DD --- headed to the gym and I knew I had to do my 3.5 miles today. So I ended up on the treadmill since it was in the 20's early this morning with frost on the ground---yuck!

I just hope the weather cooperates in Seattle --- am I crazy realistic?? I guess we'll just have to see...
the big run is in 8 days.....and counting.

After the run, I joined RPM which was already 20 minutes into the class...of course, the last bike available was right in the middle and up front! (I know---embarrassing!)

It was a great spinning sesh...I've only been able to do it sporadically because of the half-marathon training..but as soon as the run is done...I'll be back to my regular workout schedule.

Had a haircut/color appointment afterwards at Sprout. I can't get over how much women spend on haircuts compared to's OUTRAGEOUS I tell 'ya!

...staying home tonight to watch the Pacquiao/Margarito fight on HBO. FIL coming to watch. I'm making Lemon-pepper roasted salmon with rice. Easy-peezy...

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