Friday, December 17, 2010

Zumba and Functional movement

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It's Friday!!! 
I'm so excited for the weekend to get here. All of us can hang out and do something "chrismas-sy" for a change. I wanna see "The Fighter".... (love you, Marky Mark!)

....heard it's really good....then maybe some shopping (I still need that peacoat) and I heard some sushi may be involved, too.

I managed to get a little more than 4 miles on the tready yesterday before an hour of Zumba. I am having so much fun in that class, the instructor even had me come up to the front and join her. I'm not even close to being "zumba-worthy" to be up front but I sure had fun shaking my "boot-ey".
It is sooo infectious!!! If you haven't tried a Zumba class, you're missing out.

Then I spent the last hour, doing some functional movement training shadowing Kathy.
Functional movement are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics. They usually involve exercises that place demand on the body's core and innervation. This is an excellent choice especially as we age and the need to keep up our range-of motion.

FM mimics what we normally do at home or work but it does not necessarily bear any relationship to the movements people make in their regular activities or sport. It allows us to perform the daily activities more easily and without injuries.

My goal starting next year, is to add a class focusing on FM. I think it will enhance the other classes at the gym and will give members an opportunity to learn of other exercises that they can utilize whether they are injured or need low impact/high intensity workouts.

See a sample of FM.

Functional movement training.

Got home last night to have Pasta Pesto Salad (I added left-over turkey) and it looked so much like Christmas (with the greens and reds).

Zumba again this morning then hubby comes home early from work.....hmmm.... starting the weekend early!!!!

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  1. I love Zumba but my schedule doesn't let me do it often! Your pesto salad looks so yummy. Merry Christmas! :)



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