Sunday, February 6, 2011


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Happy Superbowl Sunday to you!

Sorry I was MIA for the last couple of days. I got a little too busy at work and then drove to Seattle with the hubby on Friday morning.  He had a meeting  so we knew it was going to be a quick trip.

First, we went to North Bend to hit up the Nike Outlet store. I needed a new sports bra and I lo-huve their running high impact bra. 
Then the usual places.....

For dinner, we went to Blue C Sushi

then stopped at Cheesecake factory for dessert ( a HUGE chocolate mousse cake) that we shared (but mostly I ate...he-he-he).

The next morning, hubby picked up a latte at the Starbucks around the corner (that I paired with instant oatmeal I brought from home) .... weather was dreary ~ which meant that it was  a good day in Seattle.

I had about 3-4 hours to wait for him to finish his meeting so I worked out in the hotel room.

We had a list of places to go to before he headed home.
First up,  Title Nine ( I wanted to check out some sales if they had any -- came out empty handed)
Then to an Asian store to check out their stuff.. they have a lot of cute things like this little tea pot....
most items were not more than $1.50.

Then off to Whole Foods to pick up some goodies and lunch to go.  I had Turkey Stew Moroccan Style with a piece of doughy roll and a vegan chocolate chip cookie at the end.

We got in to Spokaloo around 6:30 pm so we picked up dinner at Mustard Seed and then went to my MIL to pick up little Smallsie.

After unpacking and giving this little guy a quick bath .....

....we finally settled in with our take-out and got caught up with some DVR shows.
We ordered Wok Seared Garlic Shrimp and Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Bowl. It was yummy!'s nice to be back in your own bed even after a quick overnight-er.

This little guy was so tired and "conked" out from playing at grandma's as he seeemed like he had a very busy overnight-er himself.

Enoy the Superbowl today....just don't enjoy the goodies too much! How are you doing with this month's workout?

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