Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Good Thursday to you all!

Got up this morning after a double header last night....I felt like I was back in was 28 degrees outside with a few snow flurries.. *What the ??*
Breakfast has been simple over the past few it was Via coffee with 2 pieces of whole grain toast.
Hubby and I actually went for a run outside 2 days ago and I went 1 mile more (total of 2.5 miles) than I did the day before so thank goodness there's been progress!
Today, since it was sooo cold outside, we decided to head back down to the gym to hit the treadmill.
This is hubby as he tries to watch ESPN....
I did 3 miles (wahoo!!!) at a 10 minute happy! I stretched afterwards, iced my right oblique and made a protein shake for recovery. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but so far, my body is cooperating. I'm also trying to learn the new Body Attack routine while I'm here. Our launch is this Saturday (the 26th) which I'm going to miss so I should be ready when I teach it next week.
Lunch was a simple tuna sandwich on whole grain bread.
....this has been my *mantra*
DD has practice today and we might do a little shopping later this afternoon.
.... back to watching March madness tonight.

Have a great day!

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