Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Official time

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Hello friends! How's your week going so far?
Yesterday, I was surprisingly NOT as sore as I thought I would be post Bloomsday.

I was able to teach STEP and stay the extra hour for Body Pump. Towards the end of the 2nd hour, I could tell my muscles were close to fatigue.

So this morning's breakfast was one I haven't had in a while.
Fried rice with 2 eggs sunny-side up on top (and a light soy latte, of course). Holla!!!

After breakfast, I took advantage of the sunny (but windy) morning and went for a 4 mile run.

And look what came in the mail last night.

I ordered new sports bras from Champion online since they were having a sale. I really like the 360 Max support (the purple one) and the price was awesome too at $17.99. Really good sports bras can range from $30-50 so I thought I got a good deal for these.

Did you know that you're supposed to replace your sports bra after 100 workouts or 8-12 months of regular use (more often if you've lost weight or if you're more active)...and in my case around 4 months. 

Signs that your sports bra is shot:
  • You know  that you're "bouncing" more.
  • The elastic on the straps or bottom band is stretched out and doesn't feel snug.
  • The fabric is ripped exposing the underwires that can lead to chafing.

    And the race times have come out. 

    My official finish time: 1:10:48 (7.46 mi)

    "I believe I could fly....."
    Overall Place: 7,237 out of 50,611
    Ran with a pace of 9:29 per mile
    Placed 151st among 915 people the same age
    Placed 2,471st among 30,568 females
    Placed 64th out of 567 among 41-year-old females
    Placed 269th out of 2,707 people in my age group

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