Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bloomsday 2011

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Hello there! How was your Sunday?

We woke up to SUNSHINE (finally!) and it was a beautiful day to run a 12K. The last time we ran Bloomsday was about 10+ years ago.

I got all my gear ready the night before...

...and even packed my *gummi bears* and protein powder for afterwards

Breakfast was the "usual" pre long-run choice: English muffin topped with almond butter, a banana and light soy latte.

And we're ready...

We drove to the bus pick-up to take us downtown. It's great 'coz we don't have to fuss with parking which can be a pain.

Stood in our *color* group (which was green). I  had a "throw-away" shirt on since the morning started out in the 30sF.

People throw their "extra clothes" up in the trees and they get picked up and donated to charity.

This was the starting line...      and they're off

The course is "hilly" at the beginning (I had forgotten how hilly).

And the finish line...

No time clock at the finish line but my Garmin said 1:06 for 7.24 miles. We'll see the official time on Tuesday when they release it.

We did it!

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