Friday, May 13, 2011


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Happy Friday!
Blogger was down all of yesterday afternoon and part of this morning so I couldn't blog. Anyhoo, they've fixed whatever they needed to fix and all is well in the blogosphere.

Don't you just love getting good deals...
Not that Kelly Osbourne needs a sale...

I'm not into couponing myself but am amazed at what those people can do on Extreme Couponing. I'm so proud for finding a few deals yesterday. After a 6 mile run, I had a few errands to get off my to-do list...

After  a bank run, I rented 2 movies from Redbox for FREE (got a coupon code online).

We saw these two....

Then I went to Wally's to drop off a prescription and I remembered I had a coupon in my purse for this... was on sale for $3 so I got it for FREE.

Last deal of the day was online. I knew the deadline  for the Rock N' Roll Seattle Half Marathon was Friday the 13th. So I had to register and it's a little pricey...UNTIL I found a coupon online for $10 off ---- schweeett!

It doesn't hurt to get the heads-up on my Google reader, too. 
I subscribe to:
So if you get a chance, check out these blogs and look around. You might find something....

Also, check out Tina's blog today where she talks about the benefits of Ebates.

Do you take advantage of deals and coupons?

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