Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fo' Sheezy I'm Wheezy

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Today started out with an early appointment with my allergist.

I had to do a breathing test (pulmonary function test to be exact). I had to inhale deeply and exhale as much as I could several times ---- like I was dizzy in the head from hyperventilating.

The breathing test evaluates your lung volume. It determines how much air the lungs can hold and how quickly you can move air in and out among other things. As we age, our lung volume decreases as well. So if your lungs are NOT able to provide your body with enough oxygen...well, lots of *bad* things happen from within......cells die off faster, you get sick more often, steals your energy, etc. etc......

Did you know that the average person reaches their peak lung function in their 20s? Then you begin to lose lung capacity between 9-25% for every 10 years of your life! (source)

So my lung function is actually EXCELLENT! But I do have reactive airway and EIA.

.....just sucks! 

Pardon the pun.

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