Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday highlights

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Monday's so nice to wake up to this little guy....taking up more than half of the bed....

We had a great weekend. And the weather was perfect!

Scott and Sharon came over for a barbecue and just to hang out.

They brought marinated chicken to put on the grill and we had two different kinds of pasta salad.

I made Herb-Marinated Beef and Mushroom Kebabs

.... and that barbecue smell was driving Smalls crazy....hubby caved in and gave him a taste of the kebab.

S and S even brought doggie friends for Smallsie.

They had so much fun running around catching up with each other.

Smalls was worn out at then end of the day.... Whew!

 So were Tucker's and Champ's parents...

It was a nice weekend to share with family.

Something to watch:

Sun Devils and Gators go at it for the WCWS, best of three match up starting tonight.
I'm rooting for the Sun Devils.

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  1. We had a blast Sunday. Thanks for the visit. Sorry about Champ he is just a very active puppy.... He loves the water.



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