Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cherry Pickers Trot 2011

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The other morning I took DD to the airport. She's flying to Wyoming to see R and spend Frontier Days in Cheyenne. Looks and sounds like fun but it's gonna be H-O-T!!!

Smalls had a peanut butter-to-go the night before she left.
I also hadn't done any runs since the See Jane Run HM a week ago so hubby and I decided to go check out the Cherry Pickers Trot at Greenbluff in Mead, WA this past Thursday. It's a 4 mile family fun run close to town. I didn't even think we'd make it there since hubby got in late from work.

But we managed to make it there. Hubby had to drop me off as they had the roads blocked off for the runners. I had to walk up 1.5 mile of a hill and with 3 minutes left before the *starting gun* was to go off, I paid $10 to register for the race and off we went. It was perfect weather -- low 60's and lots of kids and teens as well.

I had never run this race before and I wasn't familiar with the course. It was a 4 mile run through Greenbluff's orchard country on paved roads. What I didn't realize was that 2 miles out 4 was all uphill. Holy hamstrings!

Me -- whizzing by hubby and Smallsie at the side of the road.

I finished in 36:13.
... then we hung around to check out all the other shenanigans and to buy some cherries, of course.

I had a lot of fun and it was good to get the lead legs going again after some days off.

Any plans this weekend? Any festivals and shenanigans?

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