Monday, July 25, 2011

Local Farmer's Market ?

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Hi friends!

Did you have a good weekend? The weather here was just perfect. It stayed generally in the mid to high 70's. I feel bad for most of the country that's in the *red* zone and yet feel so blessed during this time when we here in the West Coast are experiencing a "mild summer" so far .

We checked out the local Farmer's Market and it was very disappointing. Our small town is still about a year or two behind bigger towns like Seattle so there was not much to see ☹.
Then hubby and I had lunch at this place we've always wanted to try called Rusty Roof's Burger and Shake Shack. It was voted the "Best Burger" in town.
We shared an Apple Bacon Burger with garlic fries. Oh boy! was gooood! Dangerously good!
The rest of the day was spent running errands then home to take a nap (it's hard getting old - lol!).

We had the new Les Mills launch at the gym this past weekend, too.....details to come!

Anything fun for you this past weekend?

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