Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Give a Dog a Bone?

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We love *spoiling* our little Smallsie. I know we probably shouldn't but sometimes we just can't help it. If you're a "dog-person", you know what I'm talking about. He's not just a family pet, he is part of the family and he's like my own "human" child. I don't even want to think of the day that we won't have him anymore...I wont be able to handle it ☹.

Hubby had some *grade A* bones in the freezer, specifically for Smalls that we've been saving as a special treat. So the other day was "it". I told hubby to boil and cook the bones this time since the last time Smalls ate it *raw*, he got sick to his stomach and threw up.

Of course, Small devoured it like there's no tomorrow. I'm not even sure if small dogs can eat the actual bones but he did.
I kept my eyes (and ears) on him throughout the night to make sure that he didn't get sick. He was OK, but I sorta knew that he was "unsettled".

Well guess what...

.....the next day, he went out to the backyard and....


he threw up...

I thought it was enough time for him to digest what he had had....but I guess his tummy was still upset. He felt much better afterwards...he was relieved...and so was I.

Lesson learned: No more raw or cooked bones for him. I think his tummy is just too sensitive for something like that. Secretly, I think hubby wants a *tougher* kind of dog... but is just gonna have to settle with a "unique and special" one that is Smallsie.

As for our own *eats*.... 

..we had Pork Chops with Cremini mushrooms (cooked in the crockpot).
..and I also made Broccoli - Tomato Quiche for breakfast

I did my 4.5 mile easy run yesterday (so I wouldn't have to do it today). The tough part was that I did STEP and PUMP back to back. At least I get to rest this morning, then ATTACK tonight.

Do you have a small dog? Do they get upset bellies, too? What do you do?

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