Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Greenbluff farms

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So today we went out to Greenbluff to check out 2 farms to see how they would work out as wedding venues.

First stop was Trezzi Farms, owned by a sweet couple --- the husband is an Italian chef and the wife does..... well, ..... everything else. It's a winery, too. 
It had a very intimate feel to it with modern and rustic amenities combined. Unfortunately, some amenities were too rustic ---- like  *porta potties* for male guests. Didn't seem to have enough seating but it would be perfect again for more "intimate" and smaller events.

The next one was High Country Orchard, another local farm... which seemed to specialize more on *bigger* events and gatherings. It is so casual and felt very *country* with chickens running around and cherry trees everywhere.
So much to do and so many decisions to make in the next 12 months. Obviously, a lot of the details will be left hush-hush (keeping it a surprise for all the family readers, of course).

Farms are popular wedding venues because it offers advantages including a reduced price tag. It is a very casual setting so if you're into *formal*...then it's not for you. We would be able to take care of a lot of services like catering and music on our own.

Would you get married on a farm?

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