Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Boy

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Look at this cute little guy... so prim and innocent ☺.

Now he's all grown up. Still cute, still sweet, .... prim and proper? ---- hardly. Innocent -- hell to the no ☺.

I love him anyway. And yesterday happened to be hubby's birthday

And since we just got back from a super nice, relaxing vacay in Cabo...I wanted to give him something that ordinarily, he would not buy for himself.

A Road ID (Shoe ID) for when he goes out to ride - duh.

So for his birthday dinner and dessert. I made him his favorite treat - Carrot cake - but I made it into a cookie sandwich from THIS <---- recipe.

And for dinner, I made Beef and Vegetable Cheese Casserole but we ended up going downtown to Sushi Maru for his birthday dinner.
Happy Birthday PB .... from your J !!!

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  1. I want some cookies. yummy. Love the baby photo of Richard.




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