Friday, September 23, 2011

First day of FALL 2011

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Hiiiii ! It's Friday and it's the first day of Fall!

I remember last year when I actually did a 7 mile run on the first day of fall. This year, I'm on a running hiatus because of my knee issues. I picked up my orthoses yesterday and I'm supposed to use it an hour a day working towards wearing it for most of the day. I see the sports podiatrist again in 3 weeks and hopefully, would be able to at least run 1.5 miles without knee pain at that time.

It's amazing how the body changes (good or bad) in what seems like a short amount of time. I'm still sooo frustrated that I can't do what I was able to do a year ago but I know that if I take care of myself then my body will be stronger and healthier when I need it to be.

You can see evidence of the change in season outside. Although the high today is going to be 85F, it's still cool in the morning and gets darker sooner at night.

So I've done a little change in my inside decor as well. Every season, I try not to go overboard because I don't like "tchotchkes" so I just have a hint of "fall-ish" items to make the home a little more warm and cozy.

And for dinner, I made a Turkey Tamale Potpie, from a recipe I found HERE <-----.

Did you get to try the 15 minute Core Training? Likes? Dislikes?

Do you decorate for the seasons?

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