Thursday, October 13, 2011

"I'm Here, I'm ready. They're not. Bring it."

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Hello friends ☺! How's it going?

I had my first class at the new gym that I'm teaching was a *disaster* (to put it mildly).

My first complaint was metered parking on the street since I still haven't received my parking sticker. Then, I got there and the GF coordinator was supposed to meet me and was a "no show" so I had to figure things out on my I thought .."NBD".

I opened up the room where I was supposed to teach and all the TRX equipment was still up. I had to put away everything myself. The clincher was the "sound system" being inoperable. So I had NO music, NO mic and NO one there to help me. Mind you I got there 30 minutes early to get ready.

So of course, people started coming in for the class and I had to think quickly. I ended up taking them to the track to do warm-up and a few exercises and then did some flights of stairs for additional cardio.
We finished the next 40 minutes doing strength training to "silence". I thought to myself..."This is sooo f*****d up!"

I, myself did not get a good workout. So yesterday I was itching to get my sweat on so I ended up shaking my *groove thang* at Zumba.
That's ain't me....that's our lovely Zumba instructor "Amina".
Why are some people so unorganized? I could've just easily cancelled class the other day but I wanted to remain professional. I know people were relying on me to teach class but they also knew that I had no control over the situation. Still it upsets me when other people do not have any consideration for the welfare and success of another person. So all I could do was stop and take a few deep breaths. You bet your sweet ass that I took it out on hubby when I got home (LOL :)

How do you deal with frustration? How about annoying people?

Today's workout: RPM!!!! Hooray!!! I can finally take out my frustration on the bike ☺! Pray for me...
I'll be better by noon.......

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