Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

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Hi gang!!!! How was the weekend?

I was in Zumba training all day on Saturday and am now officially certified as an instructor! Wa-hoo!!!

I'm excited to teach and have classes scheduled starting Nov. 15th. I will be team teaching with another gal at the gym so we'll be splitting the choreo. That'll help a lot since there's too much choreography to remember right now {particularly having 2 other classes to choreo}. In time, we'll both have an hour class each.

How about some treats?
Smalls is always a *pumpkin head* every year. 
{He hates getting dressed up.... so we do it long enough to take pictures and then it's over}

And the trick?
...... My costume......

Can you guess what I am?
A Ceiling Fan

But if you really wanna see something scary ...



Happy HALLOWEEN and stay safe!!!

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