Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seeking Comfort

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Good morning friends! How's your Thursday so far?

I took yesterday off - I  mean it was a complete REST day for me. I stayed in my PJ's all day and really didn't do much except watch TV until I had a hunkering desire to do some baking. 

Yay ~ more carbs !

Somehow my body knows when hibernation is in the near future. You know, they're predicting snow in the next couple of days. {Not a fan!}

So I made this "Scary Good Pumpkin Banana Bread" using THIS recipe. The only thing I added was some flax seed.
It came out just so-so....

And for dinner, Asian Style Shrimp - Vegetable Soup from Weight Watcher's. If you want the can find it HERE.

I had to have hubby take all the left-over Halloween candy with him to work. It was such a diet trap for me to keep it in the house. Next time, I need to buy candies that I would personally hate to eat like *candy corn* or temptation there.

Workout this week:

Monday - Cardio XT and Core X
Tuesday - BodyPUMP, BodyATTACK
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - RPM
Friday - Zumba and Core X
Saturday - Cardio XT
Sunday - Rest

Something to ponder..... 

Would you get caught up in the momentum of a wedding until it's too late to call it off? Or is there ever a *too late*???

Exhibit A

'nuff said.

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  1. Tonight is a rest night for me!

    I hate candy corn too! And I def ate too much of the good Halloween candy this year. But hey, it's jsut once a year ;)



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