Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday hustle and bustle

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Hi friends! Happy almost Friday!

I've been quite busy trying to get all my s#@t together before an upcoming trip. It gets super hectic when you throw the *holidays* into the mix. 
  • Trying to use up what food we have in the fridge 
  • baking up a frenzy, 
  • finishing some holiday shopping and 
  • getting my workouts in. 
So far, I've been on track....but I am so looking forward to this vacay ------ > I can taste it !

Speaking of taste, I cooked some turkey chili the other day and that should last us until the end of the week. [If not..there's always frozen dinner ---- Healthy Choice is my "brand"]. We don't want to have to do any grocery shopping until we get back.

Today's agenda includes:
  • orthodontist appointment [for me]
  • dentist appointment [for DD]
  • more Christmas shopping
  • trip to the post office
  • cleaning the house (maybe some laundry)
  • Body PUMP
  • teaching Zumba tonight
It's been sooo cold here.....I'm looking forward to warm weather in my near future.

Smalls doesn't like the "cold" either and he forgot his vest the other day......

Run, Smalls, run!!!

"Ahhhhhh..... much better in Mom and Dad's bed"

Have a great day and stay warm!

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