Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Outfit of choice

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Smalls woke me up early this morning...like 4:11 am (!)....*barking*(!). I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and made some of THESE.

I cleaned the kitchen, started on Christmas cards, made cornbread for dinner and did a few gift-wrapping all before 7 am.

.... while this was going on in my bed....

We're not one of those that like to *dress up* their dogs but Smalls really needed a winter coat since he's low to the ground and he "shivers" a lot out in the cold. So I got this one that doesn't have a lot of "frills".

Boots & Barkley vest for dogs at Target for $9.99.

Li'l stinker doesn't like his picture taken.

In other news, guess who ran her first marathon?

KG ran the Rock N' Roll Vegas Marathon over the weekend and finished just under 5 hours. She hopes to set an example to her children saying,

"I'm running this because I want to show that with dedication and determination anything is possible," she said. "I want them to remember this moment when their mom completed a marathon, knowing that nothing in life should stop them from attaining their goals."

Good for her, I guess? 

Hopefully it's not just a "publicity-attention-seeking" thang....

...unlike when I do it ☺.... 


...now I need a nap.

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