Friday, December 30, 2011

Updated dining chairs

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You know when I "proclaimed my goals" for 2012 and one of those goals included re-decorating the home one room at a time?

Really, what I wanted to do was start from the master bathroom and work my way out. So yesterday, I checked out JoAnn fabric for upholstery fabric and immediately was drawn to the 50% off section [no surprise].

I found a pattern that I fell in love with and was only going to get 1 yard to re-upholster my vanity stool. I ended up getting the 1.3 yard {remnant} for cheap.

When I got home, I looked at all that fabric and thought to myself, "I could really use up ALL that fabric for the dining room chairs instead". So that's what happened. Instead of re-doing my vanity stool {which would have only taken up 1/4 of the entire fabric}, I decided it would be better used in the dining room.

I started to unscrew the seats off of the wood chairs.
Then I cut my fabric to size {I didn't measure----just *eye-balled* it} and did that for a total of 4 chairs.

After stapling the fabric onto the base, I screwed the seats back onto the chairs.

Easy-peasy, Japaneesy.
Here's the B and A. What do you think?

TOTAL COST: $ 5.32 (for fabric)

I love how it turned out <3!!!!

Now if I can only focus on the master bathroom first. Here's what's planned:

  • Paint ceiling white and maybe? paint the walls a more neutral color 
  • Re-upholster vanity stool
  • Artwork
  • Candle holder or room diffuser
  • Display for soaps
  • Floral or greenery
  • New rugs
  • A clock
  • ? Vinyl sayings/quote
Some of my inspiration:

Are you into re-decorating as I am? Any projects in the works?

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