Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat and Tightwad Tuesday

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Good afternoon !

Are you doing anything for Fat Tuesday? It's the last time to indulge before lent.

I did my own indulgement {is that a word?} over the weekend so that should hold me over......

For Tightwad Tuesday, I figured I'd share some info on what the Best Buys are in the month of February....even though there's only 7 days left......

If you're shopping for one of these...now's the time to snag 'em.

1. Tablets
Apple is soon coming out with an iPad3 in March so they are slashing the price of iPad2 by about $70 which amounts to $429 for a new one.

2.Winter clothes
Seasonal items like coats and sweaters usually go on sale this time of year. So if you want to prepare for this year's fall/winter season or purchase a new size for your kids, check out sales at:

3.Ski vacations
Because of the mild winter that most of everyone is experiencing, the ski resorts have had less foot traffic this year

4. Home makeover
Furnishing stores have their new inventories and have to get rid of old inventory ---- this is when they all  go on sale. So if you're in the mood to spruce up around the house, you're in luck!

5. Chocolate
There's lots of *post Valentine's* candy and chocolate that are all on sale if you're willing to look past the heart-shaped boxes [like Godiva]. You can buy in bulk, freeze it or use them for your baking needs.

Now speaking of chocolates and candies, have you thought about what you're giving up for lent?
I say it every year {and honestly, I try every year} but I'm going to give up *junk food*. We'll see how I fare this year.

Zumba tonight!!!


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