Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Getaway to Seattle

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Good morning friends!!! That was a quick but rather wonderful weekend wasn't it? I know most of you must have today [President's Day] off too but hubby had to go back to here we are.

So we badly needed a change in scenery and to just "get-away" from the stress of life...we decided to spend a couple of days in Seattle. The weather was supposed to be rainy in Eastern Washington so we figured, it wasn't going to be that bad on the West coast. Entering Seattle is always so nice. You get a view of the million-dollar homes that line the waterfront as you enter the *gate* into Downtown.
We had plans of hitting up a few new and different eateries in Seattle so our first stop was Pike Place market to have lunch at this Indian place called Kastoori Grill.
We arrived just before noon and they were serving lunch buffet. The place was packed with lunch-time workers from all over downtown (which is always a good sign that the food must be good).
And it was...... from lamb curry to tandoori chicken ----- yummmy sauces!
....and freshly made, warm Naan bread ----- Mmmmmmm.
After lunch, I wanted to check out West Elm (similar to Pottery Barn) since we didn't have one in our town. Meh-- it was ahright. I came out empty-handed.

It started to rain, so we headed to our hotel for the night. We stayed at Larkspur Landing close to Soutcenter in Tukwila. We had stayed there before and really like the amenities including breakfast. President Obama was actually in Bellevue that night doing a fundraiser - thank goodnesss we got in to the hotel before the traffic got really bad.

As soon as we settled in, we both fell asleep and after about an hour's was time for dinner. And since I was too lazy to go back out, hubby picked up Thai food for both of us.

We had our "usual" --- Phad thai and curry chicken.
The next day's weather was even worse. Gusty winds and it rained all day! I managed to get at least 3 miles on the treadmil at the hotel. We had plans to go to Ikea which is how we spent most of our morning.

For lunch, we found this new *sushi buffet* that has gotten good reviews (Thanks, Yelp!). It was called Mizuki Buffet.

It was awesome! Not only sushi but all kinds of different Asian (Chinese, Japanese, and then some) cuisine under one roof! 

I <3 sashimi!!!!!

Here's the dessert station.
.....and bite-sized pieces of pastries ---- gotta love it!
It was the highlight of the whole trip {doesn't take much to make us happy}.

The drive home was consideerably different that coming in to town. Because of the storm the day before,  chains were required to get over Snoqualmie Pass (we have all-season tires, thank goodness). We left at the crack of dawn to avoid traffic on the Pass and to give us extra time in case we ran into trouble.
And although the snow was pretty to look at --- it was also quite dangerous especially if you're not used to driving in such conditions. So for the rest of the country that's missing winter ---- here it is!
This is how high the snow berm was!
Here comes the snow plow...

You probably heard in the news that there was actually an avalance at Steven's Pass yesterday that killed 3 people (including a pro-skiier).
But we did make it home and in good time....happy to see the "little guy" {who's also happy to see us}.
He was a little upset that he didn't get to go with us to our little weekend get-away.
But he got over it quickly when he saw what we got him.

"Take off your blindfold and open your eyes" ---- Surprise!
A little stuffed rat [from Ikea].

He was all over him --- named him "Rocky the Rat".
It's fun to watch Smalls get so excited with his new toy. Thankfully, this time he didn't chew it up and destroy it within 30 seconds.

It was just what we needed ---- a little taste of the big city to take our minds off of everyday stress.
How was your weekend?

Happy President's Day!

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