Monday, February 6, 2012

Parteeee Rock

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Good Monday morning! How was your Super Bowl? Any favorite commercials? I like the Doritos commercial where the dog "buried" the cat....{you didn't see nuthin'}.

I really like the Half-time show with Madonna, too. Oh yeah, she's still got the moves.

I don't really care much for football so besides watching 
THIS ...

I was fiddling with the iHome that hubby bought from Costco...
It's about time we replace our 90's clock radio/CD player with one that can play Pandora and any MP3 player {besides iPod and iPhone}. It has "jack in the back" that you can use to plug-in a non-Apple device. [great for me since I have an Droid]. So I practiced my choreo for Zumba.

Foodwise, we finally went out to happy hour last Friday. Went to our favorite *watering hole* --- Clink's. It was goooood, as usual.

Saturday's dinner: Crab Primavera with Roasted Vegetables

And Super Bowl fare: Chili (Weight Watcher's)  with (Light) Corn bread
.....and for dessert.... a handful (or two) of chocolate covered raisins.

I had to sub this morning's Core class ----> NBD half-hour class.  I had to sorta "scramble" though since I didn't get the text until about an hour prior.

This week's WORKOUT:

Sunday- Rest
Monday - Core (x2), Zumba
Tuesday - Body PUMP, Body ATTACK
Wednesday - RPM
Thursday - Body PUMP, Zumba
Friday - Core, Zumba
Saturday - Body STEP

What's on your list this week????

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  1. I loved the Doritos ads last night. And yeah, Madonna was awesome! I love her. I skipped my workout today and regret it already, but at least I still have the rest of the week. I really wish my gym had body pump too!



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