Friday, March 23, 2012

Dog Prints

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Winter is not quite done with us here in the Pacific NW. We accumulated about 2-3 inches of snow overnight .
NOT liking it so much ---- especially when the rest of the nation is having a heatwave ☀! 
Mother Nature can be so cruel...

So most of my projects have been small and quick. Like this framed silhouette of Smalls that I did over the weekend. 
Basically, I just picked out a profile picture of Smalls and traced it onto a cardstock. 
Then I color-shaded it with black ink pen. I used a Black Copic Marker.
I had an "old" frame that I wasn't using that I spray painted with Krylon Black Glossy spray paint from Michael's {with a 40% off coupon}.

Then I just cut a green and black cardstock to act as matting and then framed the portrait.
It came out really cute and very personal. You could do the same with family members, too [the human-kind].
Here's one that DD did of her little Benny.
And here's other samples.

 I've got another indoor project that I'm working on in the living room. So stay tuned.

#marchphotoaday  *Kitchen Sink*

Have a great weekend!

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